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Unparalleled Services.

Quality Craftsmanship.

Timeless Creations.

Hello and thank you for visiting the Website. Appalachian Landscape, LLC was founded, with one goal in mind, to provide a full range of Premium landscape services, including Landscaping, Design, and Construction, at affordable rates to residents of Tolland CT.

     We are truly dedicated to building long term relationships with our customers by providing the highest standard of quality on every project we do big or small. We work mostly in one town, Tolland, CT and our reputation is everything to us that is why we go out of our way to make clients happy, by doing the little things other company's don’t do.  

    We understand that the outside of your home is as important as your interior. We will meet with you to determine your exact needs. From landscape maintenance to new design and construction, when you call Appalachian landscape you can rest assured you are getting the best and nothing but!​​​

Our Story

Appalachian Landscape is the industry leader in the town of Tolland boasting 5 star google reviews we have an outstanding track record and our always striving to be the best. Providing Top Notch, Quality, Custom services. from Design and Construction of outdoor living spaces to everyday property maintenance, We can build shape or maintain all of what you dream up and then some...Here at Appalachian landscape we have a revolving passion for what we do, Owner and Employees included Its not just another day at work for us. We wouldn't be caught dead doing anything else! Call us today. We want to hear from you. (860) 849-2560

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