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Landscape Design

Begins with a onsite visit between the customer and owner. Meeting with you to review your needs and to find a solution for your home or business that works perfectly. This is a very important step in the process and is a time for us to explore your visions as well as give advice on what we think would work.


understanding your goals is key in crafting a custom landscape design tailored to you and your family. Lots of experience means less headaches taking note and finding solutions for problems that need to be addressed before installation such as, inadequate soil conditions, poor lighting, or  possible drainage issues. We are not afraid to ask questions and would like you to be completely open with us as well.

  • Are you looking for space to outdoor entertain?

  • Are you planning any additions to your home in the future?

  • Do you have specific plants, Trees, or Color you would like to see in the design?

  • Do you need any additional privacy or need to block any views?

  • Are there any know drainage issues that need to be addressed?

  • Would you like to enjoy your outdoor living space at night? 

  • Do you know what materials you would like to incorporate?

  • Would you like to incorporate or use existing materials on site?

  • What is a budget that best fits your needs?

while visiting your site we will gather Intel and begin the design process, your needs and desires driving the end results. Photos and measurement will be taken  back to the shop to create a customized plan that best fits you. We will possibly make additional site visits to ensure we will meet and exceed all your needs.


Existing vegetation, patios, driveways, and other site elements are measured and evaluated. Views both into and out of the property are considered. Digital photographs are taken to document existing site conditions.






From the onsite visit a base map is developed either by hand or using CAD. The map will include existing elements such as driveways, patios, buildings etc. The owner will then begin to develop a base plan. The base plan will include Intel collected during the first site visit and will also include existing site elements. Experience is what it takes to work through the various aspects of project planning, Making sure the final design plan comes together flawlessy. 


After the base plan is complete you will be provided with a copy and we will request your feedback.  






A formal itemized proposal including pricing is then presented so you know exactly what each phase of the project will deliver and cost.


After the review of the base plan, revisions are made and a final plan is presented  with a proposal to complete the landscape project.




The installation process is scheduled once the proposal is accepted. Our company begins locating and ordering materials for your project ensuring it is completed in a timely manner. If permits are required, they will be pulled we are happy to do that on your behalf.

We notify CT's On Target Utility Services to mark all public utility lines. From the time the first shovel goes in the ground until the last bit of debris is swept, Appalachian Landscape is committed to the quality of the project and enhancing the value of your home or business.

See your finished project before its installed. Call (860) 849-2560 today and ask about our Design services.

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