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Lawn & Property Maintenance

At Appalachian landscape, LLC we are your all in one shop for all your outdoor needs. Offering a full lineup of services to keep your property fully groomed and clean looking through out the year. 

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Lawn Maintenance

Shrub & Hedge Trimming

Spring and fall are both beautiful seasons but it can be over whelming the amount of debris these seasons leave behind. Spring cleanups include a de thatching to get rid of dead thatch and snow mold to provide healthy turf for upcoming months. In Autumn we are focused on the massive amounts of leaves we receive in new England, and offer full leaf removal services. Spring or Fall Owner - Colton can’t stress enough how much of a thorough job we do. Literally leaving nothing behind but a spotless beautiful property.

When it comes to your property having outdoor appeal shrubs and hedges play a big role in how your landscape presents itself. They can get out of control quickly and without the right knowledge and know how can be a pain to maintain. Trimming shrubs is more of an art that requires razor sharp blades for healthy results as well as lots of patience, which is a skill we have mastered if you need help trimming your shrubs and hedges drop us a line today!

Doing your own lawn maintenance can be a pain. Get outside and spend time with your family and leave the lawn up to us. We our dedicated to providing are clients with a professional mowing service always maintaining our equipment and sharping our own mower blades every week if not twice a week.  String trimming, and removal of clippings from walks, driveways, etc. is also performed upon departure.

Property Maintenance Solutions

Lawn Care

  • Weekly Lawn Cutting

  • String Trimming

  • Blowing debris upon depature

  • Bobcat field Mowing

  • Lawn Core Areation

  • Lawn Overseeding

Property Maintenance

  • Spring/Fall Cleanups

  • Shrub/Hedge Trimming

  • Spring and Fall Annual Plantings

  • Annual/Perennial Cleanup

  • Weeding/Weed care

  • Commercial Landscape Fabric

  • Brush Removal

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • Power Washing

Tree Care


  • Technical Climbing

  • Full Tree Removal

  • Tree Pruning/Trimming

  • Confined area Felling

  • Property Line Cleanup


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